ESG and Sustainable Development

ESG Mission

Our mission is to generate internal value and contribute externally, providing more opportunities for our employees, community, and society, ultimately improving everyone's quality of life.

ESG Vision

We strive to develop a sustainable, responsible, long-term business model that supports our company's growth and enhances the well-being of our team and community.

Global Goals in ESG and Sustainable Development

We follow sustainable development goals to benefit the business long-term, support the environment, and enhance local community life.

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    Effective corporate governance system

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    Economic sustainability and development

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    Ethical business conduct

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    Providing dignified working conditions and equal opportunities for employees

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    Supporting the socio-economic development of the regions where we operate

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    Commitment to contribute to combating climate change

E — Environmental Responsibility

Aware of our environmental impact, we aim to minimize our climate impact by optimizing energy and resource use.

S — Social Responsibility

We create a respectful, innovative work environment, promote ethics and diversity, support career growth, and engage in charity. We enhance local communities' quality of life by improving financial product accessibility, increasing financial literacy and regularly supporting social programs.

G - Corporate Governance

We are committed to long-term success by leveraging digital solutions to enhance our business efficiency. We prioritize transparency and actively work to prevent abuse, fraud, and corruption while ensuring data protection for our clients, employees, suppliers, and partners. Our goal is to build a high level of trust with all stakeholders.

Report line

At UnaFinancial, we prioritize ethics, transparency, and accountability. Our dedicated hotline ensures easy reporting of any misconduct.

How to Report

To report a suspected code of conduct violation, simply email us at