Natalia Ishchenko represents UnaFinancial at Dubai FinTech Summit

08 May 2024

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On May 6 and 7, Dubai FinTech Summit welcomed more than 8,000 industry leaders from the MENA region and the world to discuss the future of FinTech.

Natalia Ishchenko, CEO of UnaFinancial, represented the Group at a panel discussion on the topic “The Evolution Of FinTech Ecosystem: Trends And Future Prospects”. The audience included Top FinTech company representatives, as well as government and regulatory authorities.

Natalia addressed a crucial industry theme: the balance between scale and profitability, efficiency, and quality, which are key priorities for all growing fintech companies.

Other points that were brought up during the discussion included the role of AI for enhancing security of FinTechs, the importance of implementing a robust governance system for further growth and ensuring inclusivity for the population. Natalia mentioned that UnaFinancial creates all its products and services using the customer development approach and addressing what clients really need.

Finally, Natalia underlined the significant support for FinTechs, which is provided by the government in the United Arab Emirates, and expressed the expectations that it will allow the industry to maintain its growth.