UnaFinancial CEO departs from the company, Founder Sergey Sedov takes over

30 May 2024

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UnaFinancial’s CEO Natalia Ishchenko steps down from the post after 2 years of management. From June 1, 2024, the position will be taken over by the Group’s Founder and former CEO Sergey Sedov, who successfully led the business for 7 years prior to Natalia’s appointment.

Having achieved strategic objectives and targets set by the Board, Natalia has implemented business transformation necessary for the Group and optimized the operations, establishing a clear vision and roadmap for the Group’s services. As her next step, Natalia has decided to pursue new career opportunities and personal interests outside the Group.

Led by Natalia, UnaFinancial demonstrated substantial growth in 2022, achieving a 61% year-over-year increase in loan issuance, with revenue totaling USD 139.1 million and net profit reaching USD 13.1 million.

Within this period, UnaFinancial also underwent a rebranding and started expanding into new markets. Natalia continued implementing ESG principles, leading environmental and charity campaigns, and focusing on corporate governance and employee training initiatives.

Under Natalia’s management, the Group has shown significant achievements and strong performance. We appreciate her considerable contribution to the business development. Our strategy will continue to focus on strengthening financial performance and scaling profitable projects of UnaFinancial.

Founder, UnaFinancial

Sergey Sedov